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Curriculum and Teaching Goals

Al-Qaswa Schools’ curriculum corresponds to the targets and guidelines established by the KSA Ministry of Education. The curriculum is designed to pursue development, creativity and good practices which embrace modern methods of teaching and learning while utilising modern sciences as a force for good.

The main subjects taught in Al-Qaswa include:

  • Arabic Language
  • Qur’anic Studies
  • English Language
  • Geography
  • History
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Physical Education
  • Information Technology.

At Al-Qaswa, we are committed to be at the heart of students’ needs and aspirations by providing a balanced, comprehensive, modern and creative curriculum coupled with Islamic values.

Al-Qaswa delivers its educational and social mission to the people of Al-Madinah in a number of ways, including establishing scientific, academic and educational courses; leading campaigns to protect the environment, cleaning mosques; raising health awareness; and promoting good public behavior and etiquette.

Using technology to advance some of the above is a key strategy, for example we provide computer rooms during school holidays – offering free courses for the young in the district.

Teaching goals

Al-Qawsa operates in accordance with the general education policy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its vision, aims, and teaching methods are designed to realise the following goals:

1. To teach the Sciences by using up-to-date technologies and comprehensive means.

2. To help students join vocational programmes linked to various industries and companies so they are better-equipped for employment or further education.

3. To provide activities and learning to stimulate and enhance students’ patriotic spirit through partnerships with relevant institutions and organisations.

4. To grow a new generation that can engage in creative thinking, actively participate in society, and be able to deal with life issues. More importantly, to encourage them to be proud of their religion, history, and their country.