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‘Al-Qaswa’ – What’s Behind The Name?

The word ‘Al-Qaswa’ refers to the camel of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) , which took him to Al-Madinah to reside there after his migration from Makkah. The Prophet was as a symbol of the bearer of light, a new dawn which the Prophet honoured the people of this city.

It is said, that on Friday 2nd of July (622) the Prophet (pbuh) and his companions arrived on the outskirts of Quba in Al-Madinah, where the allies (Al-Ansar) received them warmly. They prayed the Friday prayers at the Ranoona Valley – the very location where the current school stands. He rode on Al-Qaswa (camel) and released its reigns (bridle) among the worshipping Muslims, who in-turn were competing to lead the camel to claim the honour of hosting the Prophet (pbuh). The Prophet then advised everyone to leave the camel be, as the camel had its own order. Then the camel made his own way to where the present-day mosque of the Prophet is located and decided to sit. The Prophet had not yet dismounted the camel. From there the camel got up and walked a short distance, without any instructions from the Prophet.  The camel then looked back and walked back to the same spot on which he sat and lowered his neck, to indicate to the rider that it was time to dismount. The Prophet (pbuh) dismounted the camel and said, ‘God willing, this is the spot where I will live’.

The camel witnessed the liberation of Makkah, the Farewell Pilgrimage made by the Prophet, and had the honour of carrying the Prophet (pbuh) on its back. The camel was very loved and treated well by the Prophet; it stayed with him until the Prophet died. Muhammad Bin Saleh Al-Bulayhishi, the founder of Al-Qaswa Schools was inspired by the name of the camel (“Al-Qaswa”), its symbolism, and his own love of the city that he decided to name this establishment after it.