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Al-Qaswa Schools employs a structured supervision apparatus. Our aim is for every subject taught at the schools to have its own dedicated and full time supervisor to reach the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Educational supervision follows set education processes and planning. Our teachers undergo continuous training, upskilling and relevant professional development and qualifications to stay in tune with industry practices and policies, and to continually develop innovative and creative approaches.

This programme is supervised by Salman Al-Rahili, a renowned educationalist who has an MA in education and vast experience of working as a principal in many secondary schools in Al-Madinah and the wider region. In 1423 Hijri (2002), he moved to the General Administration of Education Department and worked as the education supervisor for the schools’ management, and later as the Assistant of the Education Department Office in the West Al-Madinah region. In 1433 Hijri (2012), he offered his expertise to Al-Qaswa Schools and has proven to be a valuable addition to Al-Qaswa, working as an advisor and education supervisor.