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Management and Structure

Muhammad Bin Saleh Al-Bulayhishi is the head of the management board of the Al-Qaswa Schools and the head of the senior management board, which is responsible for teaching and management operations.  The board consists of:

Muhammad Bin Saleh Al-Bulayhishi, Chairman
Abdul Karim Juhani, Head of Secondary Education
Mrs Ibtisam M. El-Harbi, Head, Al-Qaswa Girls Schools
Salman Suleiman Rehaily, Educational Supervisor
Muhammed Abdel-Khaliq Jibara, Head of Admissions and Registration
Abdul Baqi Muhammed Mousa Muhammed, Director of Quality Management

The principal of the School is Abel-Karim Sa’ad Al-Juhani. He is a leading academic in Al-Madinah, with several high-level qualifications in education and learning. Al-Juhani has held a number of educational posts in various standard schools before joining the private education sector.