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The Visionary Behind Al-Qaswa

The founder of the Al-Qaswa Schools is the prominent education expert and writer, Muhammad Bin Saleh Al-Bulayhishi. ShaykhAl-Bulayhishi, a descendent of the indigenous people of the holy city of Madinah, dedicated 50 years of his life to teaching and education. He began his professional life after acquiring a degree from the Teachers’ Institute in Al-Madinah followed by a BA degree from the Shari’a Faculty from the Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University.

A pioneer and beacon in the field of education and teaching, Al-Bulayhishi worked as a teacher and principal in many primary and secondary schools, spanning some 30 years. Prior to his decision to enter the private education sector, he worked as the principal of Al-Ansaar Secondary School and then at Abdulaziz Alrabi Secondary School. He established the Al-Qaswa Schools to provide the citizens of Al-Madinah with an outstanding level of education under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.

As a result of his continuous contribution to education, Al-Balheeshi was selected to become a member of the Private Education Committee (high advisory body council) for the city of Al-Madinah.

A prolific writer and historian, he has also published more than 20 books on a range of subjects including literature, education, heritage and history. He has also published several academic research papers covering the aforementioned, in addition to articles published in Arabic for over half a century, and currently in newspapers and magazines.

He is also a former senior member of the management board of the Literature Forum in Al-Madinah, which is the most prestigious forum for Arabic literature in the Arabian Peninsula. He continues to be consulted on cultural, educational and literary affairs through various forums and as a member of the local council for the Al-Wadi in Al-Median.